What is Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM)?

Definition of Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM)

Integrated cloud service management (ICSM) is an approach to cloud computing to manage the commissioning, decommissioning and maintenance of all cloud products and services sourced by an organization. Integrated cloud service management enables centralized management of cloud computing solutions portfolio through purpose-built software tools and methodologies.

Brief Description of Integrated Cloud Service Management

Integrated cloud service management is a process that is mostly used for deploying or migrating to a cloud computing solution. Its key objective is to provide the organization / cloud administrators with a way to manage cloud services. ICSM automates the orchestration, creation, delivery, and management of cloud services. ICSM also ensures the maximum level of authority, control, and governance on all cloud resources and the hosted/deployed data by a particular organization.

ICSM can manage SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and Hybrid cloud delivery models. The complete process is typically automated through an Integrated Cloud Management Software. ICSM is also applicable in moving from one cloud vendor to another with the basic objective of getting a seamless integration and minimal costs.

How and Where Integrated Cloud Service Management is used?
  • Cloud Management ( IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Clouds)
  • Cloud Automation ( Central Dashboard / Panel to add, scale, manage and monitor cloud resources)
  • Cloud Migration ( Provide tools and interface to transfer a cloud app or service to another cloud)
  • Cloud Integration ( Connecting two or more cloud services)
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