What is Joli Operating System?

Definition of Joli Operating System

Joli OS is a cloud based operating system which operates similar to an operating system but also provides web application access, file sharing, and cloud desktop access. It is designed on top of an Ubuntu Linux kernel and developed by Jolicloud. It is installed and works as a standalone operating system on a client machine and along a secondary OS with Windows OS on Intel processor computing architecture. It was discontinued and now is part of the Jolicloud.

Brief Description of Joli Operating System

Joli OS was primarily designed to enable devices with low end processors utilize the capabilities of web apps and basic computing services. Such devices can access simple to advance apps and services, without the need for upgrading the hardware. It works by as a thin client on the host desktop and accesses all applications and services from cloud over the internet. Apps and services such as

Apps and services such as the browser, email, documents (entire office suite), social networking and many others are accessed through its cloud hosted desktop / webtop. All apps and services being delivered over the internet require no storage and least computing and memory resources at users end (device with Joli OS installed).

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