What is a Managed Network?

Definition of Managed Network

Managed Network is a type of network which is built, hosted and managed by a third party service provider. It enables organizations to outsource the creation, management and maintenance of their networking infrastructure and / or services. The service which delivered such services is known as Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Brief Description of Managed Network

Typically, the managed network can be delivered in two different forms; outsourced and cloud managed network. The outsourced model allows for managing the in house networking infrastructure. The cloud managed network provides cloud hosted networking equipment and related services. Both of these are similar in way that the network management and maintenance is shifted to a specialized third party service provider.  However, in the outsourced model, the network infrastructure and equipment usually is owned by the organization itself. Whereas in cloud management mode, the entire infrastructure is owned, hosted and managed by the cloud based managed service provider.

A Managed Network generally provides;

  • Routing, switching and internetworking processes management, maintenance, and monitoring
  • Network capacity designing and planning
  • Network security and hardening.
  • IP addressing, bandwidth and other core features of networking.
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