What is Microsoft Nano Server 1300?

Definition Microsoft Nano Server 1300

Microsoft Nano Server 1300 is a server designed by Microsoft specifically to get operated remotely over the network.


Microsoft Nano Server 1300 is an advancement in the cloud computing environment. Microsoft describes Microsoft Nano Server 1300 as a server which is designed to run the cloud based services and applications over the internet. Microsoft Nano Server 1300 is designed to support cloud services explicitly so unlike Microsoft Windows Server, it does not have any user interface or any local login requirements. As its name states, Microsoft Nano Server 1300 has much more smaller footprint or Operating System (OS) and consumes less resources than Microsoft Windows Server hence it is much more smarter than its predecessor. Microsoft Nano Server 1300 does not support any windows application, it only supports  cloud based services like  Hyper-V cluster, Scale-Out File Servers (SOFSs) and Hyper-V. Microsoft Nano Server 1300 also supports born-in-the-cloud applications that run on the virtual machines in a cloud computing environment.

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