What is Multitenancy?

Definition of Multitenancy

Multitenancy is a type of architecture implemented in client-server environments in which a single instance of any software application is implemented on server side and multiple clients also known as tenants can access that application via internet.

How Multitenancy does works?

Multitenancy is used in cloud computing environments where multiple clients access a single shared resource from the server via internet but client have limited rights of customization provided for the application.

Multitenancy is comparatively economical and easily manageable solution for cloud computing as compared to single-tenancy because in prior case, only one instance of application is shared by all clients so if there is any update required, then only single instance will be updated top get all clients updated while in case of single-tenancy, as all clients are assigned different instances of application so all instances need to be updated separately.

How and where Multitenancy is used?

Multitenancy is implemented in cloud computing architectures.

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