What is Pay As You Go?

Definition of Pay As You Go

Pay-as-you-go cloud computing (also known as PAYG cloud computing) is a method of payment for cloud computer, which charges the user based on how much they use. The method is similar to that of service bills, utilizing just assets that are required.

Brief Explanation of Pay As You Go

One noteworthy advantage of the compensation as-you-go strategy is that there are no squandered assets, since clients pay for administrations secured, instead of provisioning for a specific measure of assets that could conceivably be utilized. Be that as it may, with the general population cloud, the compensation as-you-go strategy permits you to be charged just for what you store.


Pay-as-you-go stages, for example, Amazon EC2, give administrations by permitting clients to outline process assets and charges by what is utilized. Clients select the CPU, memory, stockpiling, working framework, security, organizing limit and get to controls, and any extra programming expected to run their surroundings.

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