What is Photovoltaic Glass?

Definition of Photovoltaic Glass

Photovoltaic Glass is a special type of glass technology used to convert solar energy into electrical energy.


Photovoltaic Glass is one of the source of green electricity as the electricity is produced from a renewable source and does not result in causing any sort of pollution during its production and consumption. Photovoltaic Glass contains layers of Photovoltaic cells packed between two glass layers which are semiconductors by nature. The alignment and packing of Photovoltaic cells vary from manufacture to manufacture. Some manufacturers provide a Photovoltaic Glass with tightly packed Photovoltaic cells which does not allow much light to pass through it. Whereas other provide Photovoltaic Glasses with losely packed Photovoltaic cells hence allowing more amount of light passing through them. Photovoltaic Glasses are mostly used as windows in big buildings to enable them to make generate their own electricity using natural resources like sunlight.

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