What is Physical to Virtual (P2V)?

Definition of Physical to Virtual (P2V)

Physical to Virtual (P2V) is a process of converting a physical machine into a virtual machine without any change in the data and state of physical machine.

How Physical to Virtual (P2V) does works?

Physical to Virtual (P2V) is also known as physical to Virtual (P2V) migration because it involves the migration of all attributes of physical machine to a virtual machine.

This process is mostly done by the involvement of third party that is mostly migration software.   A snapshot of physical machine’s operating system is captured and transferred to the virtual machine hypervisor or administrator. Hypervisor or administrator is then responsible for copying and configuring the virtual machine according to the received snapshot.

How and where Physical to Virtual (P2V) is used?

Physical to Virtual (P2V) is used in scenarios like server consolidation, where there is a need to transform a physical machine into a virtual machine by migrating all data and applications.

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