What is Private Cloud Storage?

Definition of Private Cloud Storage

Private Cloud Storage is a type of cloud storage mechanism that stores data on in-house virtualized storage servers or on a third party private cloud infrastructure. It is similar to public cloud storage in delivering scalability and flexibility of the underlying storage architecture but provide access to only limited (authorized) users.

Private Cloud Storage is also known as Internal Cloud Storage.

Brief Description of Private Cloud Storage Server

Private Cloud Storage key function is similar to standard cloud storage architecture but it adds an extra layer of security and storage privacy. It can only be accessed by authorized users that are typically the employee of an organization or community. End users generally access it through web based panels whereas applications access it through API integration.

It has 2 types;

  1. In-house Private Cloud Storage- storage infrastructure that is hosted and deployed internally within the organization. In such a deployment model, the storage virtualization technology is implemented on the internal cloud storage servers.
  2. Hosted Private Cloud Storage – private cloud storage infrastructure that is provisioned from a cloud service provider.

Typically, private cloud storage consists of large storage clusters that are maintained and monitored through a central interface. Storage administrators can select the level of security and decide where to store data in available clusters. Like cloud storage model, a single private cloud server / array is multitenant and can hold data from multiple users. Also, the storage capacity can be scaled on run time for all integrated applications or users.

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