What is Public Cloud Server?

Definition of Public Cloud Server

The public cloud server is a type of server that is deployed, hosted and used within a public cloud environment. It works as a standard cloud server and can be used for data storage, application hosting, clustering or any back end IT / Cloud operation.

Brief Description of Public Cloud Server

Typically, a public cloud server is owned, hosted and maintained by a public or general cloud service provider. It is open for general subscription and is generally shared among multiple cloud service subscribers.  It works similar to a private cloud server but doesn’t usually have the network / infrastructure / cloud privacy. It is maintained and managed entirely by the cloud service provider.

End users/ subscribers can use the public cloud server to store their data, deploy and application, implement virtualization or any possible tasks / operations that can be performed on a server.  It can be accessed globally over the internet through application or service providers API. Generally, public cloud servers have the ability to scale up and down in par with the workload. End users / subscribers can add storage, compute and network interfaces on run time.

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