What is Remote Desktop Connection Manager?

Definition of Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) is a tool that allows users to manage more than one remote desktop. This is possible because it generates one location for IT managers to oversee, group and administers connections.

Brief Explanation of Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Created by the Windows Live Experience team, the Remote Desktop Connection Manager allows users flexibility in handling multiple remote desktop protocol (RDP) networks. Previously, the native Remote Desktop Connection Client was inflexible and caused a lot of inconvenience for users. Since RDCMan was created internally within Microsoft, it is not supported by it. It is of particular convenience for system developers, lab managers, systems administrators and tests who work with a combination of computers, large server farms or server labs. These include automatic check in systems as well as data centers, in which simultaneous and continuous accessibility to every machine is required. Another advantage is the reduction of desktop clutter due to RDCMan’s ability to amalgamate different RDP connections within one window. Connections can be organized using groups by administrators via top-level hierarchies. RDCMan has a two-pane interface, in which options for connection include anything that the IT manager can outline inside a native RDP session. RDCMan’s servers only allow importation via a text file.

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