What is Riak?

Definition of Riak

Riak is an open source and web scalable distributed database system built on top of NoSQL and Dynamo database system. Riak is highly distributed database software providing that provides scalability and high performance in different computing environments. It is available both as a free open source and paid commercial software and supports deployment in enterprise, cloud, web and mobile platforms.

Brief Description of Riak

Riak is primarily designed for distributed cloud data infrastructures. It works to deliver better performance in high volume read and write applications. It can be used to build cloud file systems such as Amazon S3, caching layer and as the session store.

Riak is considered a fault tolerant database because its architecture distributes data across many nodes and is implemented without a master instance; therefore doesn’t have a single point of failure. The standard version of Riak is integrated with features such as MapReduce, Multi-node clustering and few others. The enterprise version is enhanced with management tools, SNMP monitoring support and consulting services for architecture, implementation and round the clock technical support.

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