What is SaaS ERP?

Definition of SaaS ERP

Service Enterprise Resource Planning (SaaS ERP) is a specific hosting resource used for enterprise resource planning (ERP). It makes use of an organization’s ERP software tools used on a vendor’s servers. The aim of Service Enterprise Resource Planning (SaaS ERP) is to provide software as a service, thereby reducing the associated software, support and hardware costs.

Brief Explanation of SaaS ERP

A vendor of business IT services provides this resource and allows remote hosting. SaaS allows users to access software resources via a distributed network or over the Web. ERP connotes different kinds of software that allow the documentation of various business processes. Another name for SaaS ERP is Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (Cloud ERP) and it offers a host of different services to a variety of different types of organizations. Some services pertain primarily to payroll and various related personnel handling processes needed to sustain a virtual HR department. Other services provide cloud hosted accounting, inventory control/management, quantitative business analysis and a wider supply of chain analysis. Supply chain and inventory ERP can assist a business in avoiding wastage of key assets on excessive inventory and also avoid depletion of stored material in order to further streamline productivity. In organizations that do not depend upon physical production, different SaaS ERPs can be included to assess service protocols.

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