What is Security as a Service?

Definition Security as a Service

Security as a Service is an IT term that refers to a specific cloud computing model that deals with delivery of security services in managed form to the client over the internet.


Secaas is the common term or abbreviation used to refer Security as a Service cloud computing model. Security as a Service or Secaas is specifically used to provide security services related to information security. There are different subscription plans including monthly or per license charges, that user or organization can avail as per their needs. These services are scalable as well as customizable and user can change, enhance or switch these services as per their requirements. These services include outsourced security suites and anti-malware softwares. Users of Secaas are always facilitated with updated versions of anti-malware softwares as these services are managed and maintained by the service providers continuously. Service providers are also responsible for administering Secaas so user doesn’t need to worry about the administration and management of security services and security updates to maintain a secure cloud computing environment within his organization or business.

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