What is Security as a Service (SecaaS)?

Definition of  Security as a Service (SecaaS)

Security as a service (SecaaS) is an outsourced security management model that involves antivirus and security software available over the internet or cloud. It is a cost-effective protection mechanism for businesses to outsource their IT security and concentrate on critical business operations.

Brief Description of Security as a Service

Security as a service is an information security delivery model that provides organizations with the managed security of their IT Infrastructure. This service is provided by an external organization / service provider that manages security remotely over the internet. This can be done by implementing Internet-based security that is also known as cloud-based security. Following are some of the benefits of SecaaS:

  • Constant updates of virus definition
  • High security expertise
  • Fast pace user provisioning
  • Conservation of time and money through outsourcing
  • Web interface that enables in house security administrators of security practices and softwares available.

Small scale businesses can generate more revenues by assigning security administration to experts outside the organization and saving time to look after their business operations and competitors. It also offers a flexible mechanism of license management that enables circulation of the license from one PC to another. It also enables the systems to be protected by the latest versions of antiviruses and security signatures

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