What is Virtual Call Center (VCC)?

Definition of  Virtual Call Center (VCC)

Virtual Call Center (VCC) is a type of call center in which geographically dispersed employees used to operate the call center for an organization.

How does Virtual Call Centre (VCC) works?

In Virtual Call Center (VCC), employees does not work in a gathered environment or within an office building. Rather they work while being on dispersed Read Full Definition

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What is Vertical Service Provider (VSP)?

Definition of  Vertical Service Provider (VSP)

A Vertical Service Provider (VSP) is a type of service provider which provides IT services or Application services to the vertical market.

How does Vertical Service Provider (VSP) works?

Vertical Service Provider (VSP) provides one or more business domain’s specialized services.

Services provided by Vertical Service Provider (VSP) can be modified Read Full Definition

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What is Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM)?

Definition of Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM)

Virtual machine manager (VMM) is a software program that helps in creating and maintaining virtualized environments by managing the virtual machines connected in a network.

How does Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) works?

In case of Virtual machine manager (VMM), a single software or operating system is used to manage all of the virtual machines Read Full Definition

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