What is Thermoelectric Cooling?

Definition of Thermoelectric Cooling

Thermoelectric Cooling is the process of producing both cooling and heating effect by flowing electric current between two interconnected conductors.


Thermoelectric Cooling is also known as Peltier-Seebeck effect and the whole system that utilizes this effect is known as Peltier heat pump.

In Thermoelectric Cooling,both cooling and heating effects are produced by utilizing electricity as a resource. Two conductors or semiconductors are attached at two different ends using such medium which allows the electric current to pass through it. Cooling effect is produced at one side and heating effect at the other side.Basically it transfers the heat from one juncture attached on one side to the other juncture attached on other side producing cooling effect on first side and heating effect on the other side respectively.

Thermoelectric Cooling is mostly used to handle small electronic devices or components. This process is efficient for producing both heating and cooling effects as per device requirements.

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