What is Virtual Area Network (VAN) ?

Definition of Virtual Area Network (VAN)

VAN or virtual area network is used to provide a high bandwidth connection to connect computers that are dispersed over large distances. It may be establish connections through an ADSL Lines or other high bandwidth networking mediums. It was originally developed to facilitate VMWare users.

Brief Description of Virtual Area Network (VAN)

The virtual area network that is commonly known as VAN provides high bandwidth connection facility for users that are located in long distances and have a high geographical proximity. It used to support data transfers, sharing resources and information like those that need to done with legal consultancies, medical facilitators and to support social interaction among users situated in one part of the world via an ADSL line or cable modem or some other high bandwidth networking mechanism, VANs were basically used for clients using virtual machines and to connect virtual computers to share information with colleagues overseas. A combination of physical and virtual nodes can also be used over virtual networks to enable interaction among hardware like Cisco routers and Linux to route packets to and  from the physical network.

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