What is Virtual organization?

Definition of Virtual organization

A virtual association or organization is one whose individuals are topographically separated, typically working by PC email and groupware while appearing to others to be a solitary, bound together association with a genuine physical area.

Brief Explanation of Virtual organization

The term virtual organization is utilized to portray a system of autonomous firms that consolidate, frequently incidentally, to deliver an administration or item. The virtual association is regularly connected with many different terms such as virtual office, virtual groups, and virtual administration. A definitive objective of the virtual association is to give creative, superb items or administrations quickly in light of client requests.


In this sense, the term virtual organization has its underlying foundations in the PC business. At the point when a PC seems to have more stockpiling limit than it truly has it is alluded to as virtual memory. In like manner, when an association collects assets from an assortment of firms, a virtual association appears to have a bigger number of capacities than it really has.

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