What is Virtual Server?

Definition of Virtual Server

A virtual machine that has some form of services installed on it for clients to use is referred to as a virtual server. Typically, these virtual servers are installed with a server grade operating system. It is a server that is present somewhere else and is shared by different Website owners that enable them to manage it as a complete server. Servers are not dedicated to run the server software

Brief Description of Virtual Server

A virtual server can be referred as a server in some other location that is shared by multiple owners and each owner can use and control these servers. Virtual server service is often provided by some ISPs in addition or instead of virtual hosting. Virtual servers allow users and organizations not only with IPs and Domain names but also enable them to manage file directories, manage logs, maintain passwords etc. virtual servers are highly scalable and highly servers built on a cluster made of real servers. The server cluster architecture is transparent to users and users can interact with the cluster like a high performance virtual server. Virtual servers provide low cost web hosting and the websites act as if they are run from a dedicated server.

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