What is Virtual Tape?

Definition of  Virtual Tape

Virtual tape is a storing technology for data archives that makes it conceivable to spare information as though it were being put away on tape despite the fact that it might really be put away on hard plate or on another capacity medium. Advantages of virtual tape frameworks include the incorporation of better reinforcement and recuperation times and lower working expenses.

Brief Explanation of Virtual Tape

An exceptional stockpiling gadget oversees less-as often as possible required information with the goal that it gives off an impression of being put away totally on tape cartridges when a few sections of it might really be situated in quicker, hard circle stockpiling. It can be utilized with a progressive stockpiling administration (HSM) framework in which information is moved as it falls through different utilization edges to slower however less expensive types of capacity media. Virtual tape may likewise be utilized as a major aspect of a capacity range system (SAN) where data that is not used quite frequently or has been archived can be overseen by a solitary virtual tape server for various arranged PCs.

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