What is VMWare Backup?

Definition of VMWare Backup

VMware Backup is a set of tools by VMware for constructing backup and recovery of data in a virtual environment. It backs up data from both virtual and physical machines on virtualized machines. It can either be done by transferring all the data over a network or executing the additional resources needed to be backed up.

Brief Description of VMware Backup

VMware backup consists of a set of tools and techniques that enables users to create backup and recovery data in a virtual environment. It comprises of creating data backup from virtual and physical machines onto a virtual machine. VMware Backup can be used by creating a backup on a network. For this purpose SolarWinds for instance provides some tools and products like:

  • VM Console
  • VM Monitor
  • Virtualization Manager

The best practices for VMware backup can be:

  • Using snapshots for performing upgrades and backups to avoid data loss
  • Using the ‘Smart Agent TM’ Technology to increase production machine performance.
  • Install virtual drivers in each virtual machine
  • Allow for Instant Restore of VMs
  • Perform tests for restore points not only for backups
  • Use the deduplication and compression techniques
  • Be aware of the application
  • Plan for cloud storage and replication
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