What is meant by Web Back?

Definition of Web Backup

Web backup is a facility of offsite data storage in which data or the entire stuffing of a hard drive is on a regular basis backed up on a remote server or computer with an internet connection. It is a safe option , providing data management and protection for individual users as well as businesses. The term can be synonymies as online backup, remote backup, net-based offsite backup etc.

A brief description of Web Backup

An online backup system is better and functional than the local manual backup as here the data is stored offsite after data is backed up locally, a file server or external hard drive can be implied for back up storage. This back up saves you from the risk of losing your precious data.

Cloud computing offers cheap bandwidth with economical storage, through such cloud base technology a consolidated backup system can be accessible for individuals and small businesses persons. In such system the data is back up from your hard drive to a server or computer through internet connection. Online backup technology leverages the web based connectivity for off-site storage with little hardware requirements. It is workable solution for small businesses and help to bring out from disasters and the data is completely protected after any sort of catastrophe.

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