What is a Webtop?

Definition of Webtop

Webtop is an implementation of a desktop operating environment on a remote location / server that provides similar functionality as of a local desktop.  Webtop is a hosted desktop service technology that delivers a virtual and browser-based desktop interface.  If sourced from a cloud desktop service provider (desktop as a service), Webtop is hosted, managed and maintained entirely on the service provider’s infrastructure.

Webtop is also known as a virtual desktop and hosted desktop.

Brief Description of Webtop

Webtop is primarily implemented through desktop virtualization technique by which a virtual desktop interface is emulated on a remote physical server infrastructure. It is installed with standard operating systems such as Windows and Linux and applications (word processing, instant communication etc).  It usually works as a thin client and bulk of the processing, computing, storage and other resources is provisioned from the server hosting it. The server hosting webtop usually hosts one or more virtual desktops / webtops and assigns compute, memory, storage and other services to them.

In most cases, Webtop is usually an exact replica of a local desktop and when accessed provide the same graphical user interface, file creation, and sharing. They are generally used to provide a local desktop interface to remote / out of office users or in as a disaster recovery measure.

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